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  • Construction Attorney / Lawyer of Miami and Boca Raton

    The location of a business is a key to its success and securing that perfect location may involve a construction or renovation project. Whether your business is a retail store, manufacturing plant, hotel, apartment high-rise, or a warehouse; it is important that the construction process is managed properly and legally. This is essential to getting your business off to a good start and building out your space to meet your business’s needs.

    The legal process and contracts involved in a commercial construction project should be managed by a trusted construction attorney of Miami who has experience in real estate and business law as well. The legal ownership of the building should be indisputable.. If the legal process of acquiring your property is not conducted properly, title disputes may arise regarding the possession of the land. Perhaps liens were filed due to unanticipated expenses or other contractor expenses.

    If you are the owner or manager of a firm that is planning to undertake a construction building project for your business, be sure that;

    1. the legal rights of your business and yourself as the business owner are protected;
    2. all contracts are enforceable and indisputable and your ownership or occupancy of the property is valid and enforceable; and
    3. the proposed construction is approved by all local, state, and federal government entities having jurisdiction over the project.

    Seek the experience and guidance of a construction lawyer in Miami who will make sure your business is protected when you get involved in a construction project for your business location. The law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. has offices conveniently located in Miami and Boca Raton.

    South Florida Construction Law Attorney with Experience that Counts

    Construction attorney of Miami, Marlyn Wiener has over 30 years of experience in real estate and business law. She has served as the senior business transaction lawyer at a South Florida law firm and worked for a real estate holding company as in-house counsel. Among the most experienced Florida real estate attorneys, with over 25 years of experience managing construction and real estate development, Attorney Marlyn Wiener is a construction lawyer in Miami who is ready to put her experience to work for you.

    The law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. will work with you throughout the entire construction process from conception and planning to building and inspection. We will review and negotiate your financing agreements, building contracts and help you manage the bidding process for construction contracts.

    Our legal services for construction law include:

    • Contract preparation and negotiation
    • Building insurance advising
    • Financial negotiation and review of documents
    • Title insurance issuance
    • Management of mechanic’s liens and bond claims
    • Drafting and negotiation of contracts for general contractors and subcontractors
    • Formation of corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, C and S corporations, and partnerships
    • Coordination of building plans with surveyors, architects, inspectors, appraisers and lenders

    Contact the Miami Construction Law Attorneys at the law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A.

    With offices located in Boca Raton and Miami, we have convenient locations for South Florida residents. If you are a business owner who is planning a construction project, be sure that your legal rights are protected. Call our law offices and schedule your consultation with an experienced Miami real estate attorney today.

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