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  • Miami Foreclosure Counseling Lawyer and South Florida Real Estate Attorney

    Foreclosure is the process by which a lending institution seizes a property after the property owner failed to pay back his or her loan. This has become all too common in recent years, and many property owners have been foreclosed on their homes without considering the long-term implications of their decision and whether or not there were alternatives to walking away from their mortgage.

    At the South Florida law firm of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A., our Miami foreclosure counseling lawyer counsel real estate owners on their options to avoid foreclosure. We can also advise on the consequences of any other actions property owners may take to reduce the stress of mortgage payments. To speak with Boca Raton foreclosure counseling attorney Marlyn Wiener, contact our law office online or call one of our two convenient office locations. In Boca Raton, call 561-443-7124 and in Miami, call 305-777-0482.

    Our Miami foreclosure counseling lawyers offer our clients the following services for their foreclosure legal needs:

    • Advice on the benefits and pitfalls of loan modifications
    • Counsel on alternatives to foreclosure, including short sales
    • Advice on the consequences of going into foreclosure, including a potential for deficiency judgment and credit problems
    • Negotiateing workout agreements with your mortgage lender to allow you to keep your home or investment property
    • Informing you of your rights if your property does go into foreclosure
    • Strategizing on your financial options to save your home, or otherwise put you in the most favorable position possible 
    • Short sale agreement drafting and agreement review

    Attorney Marlyn Wiener has worked in real estate and real estate law since 1981 and is the founder of a legal services and management consulting company to real estate investors, and serves as in-house counsel for a real estate holding company with more than 80 properties. Our law office is an approved agent of the Attorneys’ Title
    Fund Services, LLC, one of Florida’s largest underwriters of title insurance.

    If you find yourself facing foreclosure on your home or commercial property in South Florida, we are here to help. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you down the path that is best-suited toward your financial goals and needs. Contact real estate lawyer Marlyn Wiener for foreclosure counseling to make certain you are making the best
    decision for your situation.

    Call us at one of or two easy-to-reach locations:

    Boca Raton: 561-443-7124

    Miami: 305-777-0482