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  • Business Formation Lawyer in Boca Raton and Miami, Florida

    The great state of Florida offers countless opportunities for small and mid-size businesses to grow and flourish. However, businesses don’t have free reign. They must comply with state and federal laws regarding operations.

    These rules, laws, and regulations are often confusing and constantly changing. To remain in compliance with laws that change often can be time-consuming and expensive, yet it is imperative to do so. Lawsuits for business law violations are common and therefore it is important to make sure your business is operating legally and in compliance with all regulations.

    Many times, a small-to-medium-sized business doesn’t have the resources to have an in-house legal counsel. One way to make sure your business is complying with state and federal law that is cost-effective is to hire an experienced small-business and medium-sized business lawyer. Lawyer Marlyn J. Wiener is an experienced professional who can assist you with all of your business-related legal needs.

    Our offices offer the full range of business law legal services. We can function simply to give you occasional advice, or we can have a continuous and frequent management of all of your business law needs. Common business services include:

    • Forming a business, including limited liability corporations (LLCs), joint ventures, partnerships, and C- and S- corporations
    • Real estate leasing and tenant lease negotiations
    • Drafting and negotiating contracts
    • Counseling for shareholders
    • Preparing agreements (buy-sell, operating, shareholders, and noncompete)
    • Business policy human resources, licensing and insurance advice
    • Contractor and construction representation
    • Facilitating business financing, such as lines of credit and term loans

    The law offices of Marlyn J. Wiener are experienced with providing a vast range of business law legal services for small businesses and medium-sized businesses. Marlyn Wiener has worked with businesses for over 25 years.

    Her credentials as a Miami Real Estate Attorney include:

    • Founded a legal services and management consulting firm
    • Human resources management certification
    • Senior business transaction attorney for a South Florida law firm
    • Experienced as in-house counsel for a large real estate firm

    We have a variety of clients, including real estate developers, mobile home parks,, architects, doctors, art galleries, restaurants, and general contractors.

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