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Timeshare Lawyers in Florida

Over the past several years timeshare scams have been making their presence all over Florida. In fact, timeshare fraud has become one of the top scams in Florida, and timeshare lawyers in Florida pour countless hours and resources into defending the public. The Federal Trad Commission and the Florida Attorney General’s offices have received thousands of complaints about timeshare resellers who are using fraudulent real estate practices.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a timeshare reseller’s scam or have questions about how to sell your timeshare legally, contact a Miami and Boca Raton time share attorney. The law office of Marlyn J. Wiener has over 30 years of experience in real estate and business law, including the timeshare law, lending and finance, and commercial and residential real estate matters.

In the current economic climate, many timeshare owners are wondering how they can sell or lease their timeshare in Florida. This has become a widespread problem and an area ripe for con artist and fraudulent practices. If you are a timeshare owner who is interested in selling your property, be sure to contact a Miami timeshare lawyer who can make sure that the transaction is being handled in a legal manner and clear from any signs of fraud. Some common red flags that indicate a time share scam include the reseller:

  • Telling you that they have an interested buyer before producing a valid written purchase agreement
  • Demanding a fee in advance to performing any actual services
  • Requiring payments by credit card, certified bank check, cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer


Knowing when to contact timeshare lawyers in Florida is important. Timeshare scams are similar to any other case involving fraud, often victims are presented with an offer that seems too good to be true. If you have any suspicions about a timeshare reseller contact a timeshare lawyer right away to assess the situation. Consider the following questions before you sell your Florida timeshare property using a reselling company:

  • Have you checked with the resort about restrictions, limits or fees that may affect the resell or transfer of ownership?
  • Will you receive information about how the reseller will advertise and promote the timeshare unit?
  • Are reseller’s agents licensed to sell real estate in the state of Florida? Can you verify that information?
  • Will the reseller provide you with satisfied clients to contact as references?
  • If the reseller demands an upfront fee, what is the refund policy and can you get the policy in writing before paying the fee?

Many people do not realize that selling or transferring the ownership of a timeshare is very similar to other real estate transactions. It is important to ensure that paperwork is completed properly and legally, the only way to insure this is to hire a real estate attorney.

Contact a Miami and Boca Raton Timeshare Attorney

Among the most experienced timeshare lawyers in Florida, the law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. offers solutions with a personal approach for yourself and your company’s legal issues. Our Boca Raton timeshare attorney’s office offers weekday, evening and weekend appointment. We also accept credit cards for your convenience at both of our South Florida locations. Call us to schedule a consultation today:

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