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    Caveat Emptor
    A latin term meaning “let the buyer beware.” The basic idea that the purchaser of a product takes a risk whenever a purchase takes place and is responsible for examining the product for any defects that may become known after purchase.

    Cease and Desist Order
    An order issued by a court or government agency demanding a person, business, or organization to discontinue an activity that has been shown to be harmful and/or in violation of the law.

    Certificate of Deposit (CD)
    A financial instrument issued by a bank in return for a monetary deposit that pays a fixed interest rate for a predetermined period of time and for which there is a fee incurred if the CD is cashed out before the pledged amount of time.

    Chain of Title
    The recorded series of exchanges of a particular title traced back from the current owner to the original owner of the property.

    Clean Hands Doctrine
    A rule of law requiring that a person coming to court with a lawsuit or petition must be free of misconduct in relation to his claim.

    Clear Title
    Ownership of a piece of property that has no adverse claims affecting said ownership.

    The last step in a purchase or sale of real estate, during which the deed of title, title insurance policies, financing documents, and all remaining funds must be exchanged, and in some cases, where some of the final documents are delivered to a local recorder’s office for recording.

    Cloud on Title
    Any condition that adversely affects the title on a piece of property, such as a mortgage that has no record of having been paid off. In instances where a title is clouded, title companies will either refuse to transfer ownership of the title or insure ownership with the explicit exception of the clouding situation.

    Combining the funds of one party with the funds belonging to another party, especially funds that are held in trust for another. Commingling is generally prohibited as a conflict of interest except when the parties involved are business partners or spouses.

    Common Law
    An unwritten set of legal precedents and agreements that developed over centuries of customary use in England before being imported to Colonial America, much of which has since been enacted in statutes across the United States.

    Community Property
    The legal premise that a married couple contributes equally to the finances of a marriage even when one spouse has a higher income through employment. Each spouse is held to have an equal claim on all property gained over the course of the marriage with the exception of inheritances, gifts given specifically to one spouse, and any property and profits that can be clearly linked to property owned before the marriage took place.

    Typically, refers to any funds or other property that is used to secure a loan or debt, and which the borrower may be forced to surrender to the lender if the loan is not repaid according to the terms of the contract.

    Conforming Loan
    A loan that is either issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or whose loan limits do not exceed those set by those corporations.