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    Fair Credit Reporting Act
    A federal law ensuring that credit bureaus are fair and accurate in protecting an individual’s privacy rights.

    Fair Housing Act
    A federal law prohibiting discrimination against home buyers on the basis of race, color, nation of origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

    Fair Market Value
    The amount a property would sell for on the open market, which is determined by real estate appraisers  by comparing sales of similar property in the area.

    Fee Simple
    Unqualified and absolute ownership over a piece of real estate.

    Fiduciary Relationship
    A financial relationship between two parties where one holds complete confidence in the other regarding either a specific transaction or general business affairs.

    Firm Offer
    An offer, usually in writing, that may not be withdrawn, revoked, or amended for a specified period of time and that creates a legally binding contract if the offer is accepted during that period.

    Fixed-Rate Mortgage
    A mortgage with an interest rate that remains unchanged for the entire duration of the loan.

    Refraining from the enforcement of something that is due, such as a debt.

    A process through which a defaulted mortgage is forfeited to a lender for the purpose of recouping money that is owed to the lender.

    To be done as soon as is reasonable, with no unnecessary delays.

    Fraudulent Conveyance
    The transfer, or conveyance, of a property title for the purpose of evading a creditor.

    Friendly Suit
    A lawsuit that has been filed so as to receive a court order where the parties involved agree on the anticipated outcome.

    Front End Ratio
    A percentage determined by comparing a prospective borrower’s total monthly cost to purchase a house, including mortgage principal and interest, insurance costs, and property taxes, to the borrower’s monthly income before any deductions.

    Full Disclosure
    The principle that parties in business transactions are required to tell the whole truth about any matter that could affect the decision-making process of any of the parties involved.

    Full Faith and Credit
    A provision of the U.S. constitution guaranteeing that any legal judgments reached in one state, whether civil or criminal, must be recognized and enforced in any other state, assuming that the judgments were reached through due process of the law.