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    Valuable Consideration
    An integral component of a contract that confers a benefit on another party, which could include money, labor, a performance, assets, a promise, or for one party to abstain from a particular act.

    In real estate, any deviation from the specific conditions of a given zoning ordinance that has nevertheless been authorized by the appropriate government body overseeing zoning.

    The legal term for a list from which jurors are selected.

    Refers to the proper or most convenient location for a court trial. In a criminal case, usually the judicial district or county where the crime was committed. In a civil case, usually the district or county that is the residence of a principal defendant, the location where a contract was either executed or to be performed, or the location where an accident occurred. For the sake of convenience, parties in a court case can choose another location, such as the place where most of the involved witnesses are known to reside.

    Refers to the fulfillment of an expected right or title in the most absolute sense.

    Vexatious Litigation
    Refers to the filing of a lawsuit by a plaintiff who has the clear knowledge that no legal merit exists for the lawsuit, but litigation is only pursued in an effort to annoy, bother, embarrass, and/or create legal expenses for a defendant.

    Vicarious Liability
    Occurs whenever one person is held legally responsible for actions taken by another.

    An abbreviation for the Latin term “videre licet,” meaning “it is permitted to see,” used in legal terminology to mean “namely.”

    Void for Vagueness
    Refers to an unconstitutional legal statute defining a crime that is so vague in its parameters that a reasonable person could not be expected to determine what elements would be involved to constitute a crime under the statute.

    Voting Trust
    A trust designed to solicit voting proxies of a corporation’s shareholders in order to elect a board of directors and vote on other shareholder matters. Usually operated by current directors to maintain continued control, but can at times represent a person or agency attempting to gain control of a corporation.