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  • Miami, Boca Raton, and South Florida Commercial and Residential Leases

    Real Estate attorney Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. has been helping commercial and residential buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants for over 25 years. She assists South Florida residents with managing leases agreements on both residential and commercial properties. Florida’s housing market continues to be affected by recent difficulties in the financial sector, it is more necessary than ever that the lease on your property is enforceable, covers all possible circumstances, and protects your best interests to the full extent under Florida rental and leasing law.

    Miami commercial and residential leases lawyer Marlyn Wiener has been working as a real estate attorney since 1981. She has worked with many clients, both landlords and tenants, to protect their rights as property owner and renters. Attorney Marlyn Wiener has worked as 1) a real estate attorney for several law firms, 2) served as a vice president and in-house counsel of real estate operations  for a property management company and 3) a consultant and owner of a business and real estate consulting firm. The real estate law offices of Marlyn J. Wiener are experienced and skilled with all real estate law, transactions, and contracts.

    Our Boca Raton and Miami Commercial and Residential Lease law offices offer a comprehensive range of lease-related legal services:

    • Does your firm own commercial real estate or housing property, including malls, warehouses, apartment complexes, condos, and office buildings?
    • Does your construction company work for landlords or tenants?
    • Do you have a pending commercial or residential real estate closing and need a qualified Florida real estate attorney as representation?
    • Does your business lease space in a commercial building such as; an office building, mall, warehouse or other commercial property?
    • Do you own residential rental  property and have questions on lease and rental law, contracts, or other obligations as a property owner?
    • Do you live in a condominium, townhouse or single-family home, and have questions on your lease and rights as a residential renter?

    Our Miami commercial and resident leases law firm has advised clients on both sides of rental lease agreements. Don’t wait to solve problems after they happen, avoid them all together by obtaining the counsel of a Miami real estate lawyer. Before signing a leases or presenting a leases to a tenant, have it reviewed by a Miami, Florida residential lease lawyer. If you are business owner it is imperative that you have you have a qualified Boca Raton commercial leases attorney review the proposed leases before signing anything.

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    If you have questions regarding real estate leasing for commercial or residential real estate property in South Florida, contact the real estate lease attorneys at the law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A. Our law offices offers weekday, evening and weekend appointments, we also accept credit cards for your convenience. Fill out our contact form online, or call us at one of our two office locations in Miami and Boca Raton, Florida:

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