Snowbirds & Snowflakes in South Florida

South Florida remains the number one destination for the 55 plus community contemplating a part time or full time move – with any eye to retirement.

Many of these new Florida homeowners purchase condos or single-family homes that they may occupy on a part time basis before making a full time move to Florida after retirement. Some continue to own another residence and visit Florida on a part time basis. They are often referred to as snowbirds – people who come to Florida for the season, typically some number of months between Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. Snowflakes spend even less time here in Florida – often visiting for a weekend or a week, from time to time.

Whether purchasing a property for full time residency or snowflaking, these buyers still need the advice and guidance of a real estate attorney. Florida’s real estate law and the conduct of Florida closings is often quite different from the process in their home states. Many of the communities that the 55 plus community are attracted to have unique rules and regulations and require approval for occupancy or membership.

Many buyers may ultimately wish to establish Florida as their primary residence and obtain homestead exemption on their new Florida property. Establishing Florida residency is often complicated and owners making the permanent move to Florida will truly benefit from the guidance of a real estate attorney who knows the ins and outs and is experienced in guiding clients in this transition.