Miami Restructuring Ownership Lawyer

The ownership of residential and commercial properties will usually change many times over the life of a building or property. There are various reasons why a property owner might be interested in making a change to the way that he or she holds title to the property. If you are looking to change the form of ownership of your home, vacation property, condominium, apartment, or other property, it is important to understand the types of ownership that are available and the consequences of a change for homestead and inheritance purposes.

At the law office of Marlyn J. Wiener, P.A., you will find an experienced Miami restructuring ownership lawyer with over 30 years of experience in Florida real estate law. Attorney Marlyn Wiener is a Boca Raton real estate transfer lawyer who works with her clients to solve real estate issues and discover cost-effective solutions to even the most complex real estate problems.

Real Estate Transfer Lawyer In Boca Raton And Miami

Many people who choose to transfer the title on a piece of property do so because of major life changes, including marriages, divorce or illness. In other cases, the property is transferred as an asset protection strategy as it relates to future creditors or as an estate planning tool.

No matter what reason you have for transferring the title of your Florida property, our firm can help you with the following considerations:

  • Explaining the pros and cons of different types of ownership, including but not limited to tenants in common, joint survivorship and revocable trusts
  • Explaining the advantages of an enhanced life estate or Ladybird deed
  • Understanding the consequences of transferring title, including triggering due on sale clauses in your mortgage, the payment of documentary stamps taxes, impact on homestead entitlement, as well as homeowners property insurance and title insurance issues

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