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    Refers either to a sum of money paid in addition to the regular price of an item, or a payment made, either as a lump sum or in installments, for insurance coverage.

    Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio
    Commonly used to assess the relative valuation of equities, in real estate, the ratio is determined by dividing the price of a house by its potential earnings or net income, the market rent of the house after maintenance, property taxes, and other expenses are subtracted.

    Price-to-Income Ratio
    A value used as the basic housing affordability measure for a particular area, determined by comparing median house prices in the area to median family disposable incomes, and is expressed as either a percentage or as years of income. Also referred to as “attainability,” is one basic element of mortgage lending decisions.

    Price-Rent Ratio
    The average cost of ownership in a given area divided by the rent income, if a prospective buyer is purchasing the property with the intention of renting it to others, or the estimated rent that would be paid if the property were rented, if the prospective buyer is purchasing the property with the intention to reside therein.

    Can refer to the main, or principal, person involved in a situation, whether it is the director of a business or the primary perpetrator of a criminal act, but in finance, refers to the total amount of a loan, on which interest is paid by the borrower or received by the lender.

    A legal process of proving the validity of a document, such as a will.

    Promissory Note
    A written promise by a person to pay or repay a specified amount of money at a time stated in the note, on demand, or in periodic installments to another person, also specified in the note.

    A written document, sometimes referred to as a “black book” or an “offering plan,” that contains a full financial disclosure, required by corporations when issuing stock to the general public and by a sponsor who is in the process of converting a building into a cooperative or condiminium ownership.